«Донецкое небо»: траурный митинг по жертвам украинской авиации

26 мая 2017 на площади Ленина в Донецке общественная организация «Оплот Донбасса» провела митинг-реквием «Донецкое небо», посвященный трехлетию первого авиаудара украинской армии по Донецку.

Авиаудар 26 мая по Донецкому аэропорту был одним из первых. Позже были и другие обстрелы населенных пунктов Донецкой и Луганской Народных Республик, включая обстрел Луганска 2 июня и Снежного 15 августа 2014.

На митинге присутствовали депутаты Народного Совета, Герой Донецкой Народной Республики Авидзба Ахра Русланович, позывной «Абхаз»,  зам.начальника воспитательного отдела Донецкого высшего общевойскового командного училища Вооруженных Сил ДНР Александр Куренков; а так же председатель «Оплота Донбасса», Сергей Завдовеев.

Начальник Управления законопроектной деятельности Верховного Суда Донецкой Народной Республики Андрей Овчаренко рассказал,  каким был его этот день три года назад. Он, в составе донецкой группы Союза ветеранов военной авиации Советского Союза, принимал участие в создании противовоздушной обороны Донецка, которая позволила обезопасить город от дальнейших налетов украинской авиации.

Присутствующие почтили минутой молчания всех жителей Донецкой и Луганской Народных Республик, погибших в результате украинской агрессии.

 "Donetsk Sky": mourning rally for the Ukrainian aviation victims

On May 26, 2017 on Lenin Square in Donetsk, the public organization "Oplot Donbassa" held a requiem meeting "Donetsk Sky" dedicated to the third anniversary of the first air strike in Donetsk.

The air strike from May 26 at Donetsk airport was one of the first. Later there were other strikes on other towns of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, including the shelling of Lugansk on June 2 and Snezhnoye on August 15, 2014.

The meeting was attended by deputies of the People's Council; Hero of the Donetsk People's Republic Avidzba Ahra Ruslanovich, call sign "Abkhaz"; Alexander Kurenkov, the chief deputy of the educational department of the Donetsk Combined Arms Command of the Army of the Donetsk People's Republic; and also the chairman of the "Oplot Donbassa", Sergey Zavdoev.

Andrei Ovcharenko, the Head of the Office of Legislative Activity of the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People's Republic described this day as he remembers it was three years ago. He, as part of the Donetsk group of the Soviet Union’s Military Aviation Veterans, took part in the creation of the air defense of Donetsk which made it possible to protect the city from further attacks by the Ukrainian aviation.

The participants paid a minute of silence to all residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics who died because of Ukrainian aggression. 

Memoirs of A. Ovcharenko about the air strike on Donetsk on May 26, 2014.

This day three years ago the citizens of our city remember very well.

The following very serious problem occurred: the combat aviation began to operate in the city mode. No convention allows that, as well as no country or system in the world. This could not in general be supported legally by any power for nowhere in the world the army has ever operated within the borders of its own country using combat aviation. 

When it happened me and my friends (and in our youth we dealt a little with aviation) were right here in the center of the city and we heard the combat aviation working. We saw it clearly and heard even the sounds of guns GSh-23 and GSh-30. This sound cannot be compared with any other weapon. And every word of Ukraine about non-use of aviation and aircraft cannons against civilians within the territory of the city is an outright lie 

I'll tell you this: our veterans, our pensioners of the armed forces of the Soviet Union and Ukraine, former military pilots gathered immediately. During an hour or hour and a half we held a closed meeting and took precautionary preventive measures, and even know-how methods, within the city, so that the aviation could no longer fly here. And when Ukraine saw that we had done something and somehow reacted to it, then, naturally, the flights abruptly ceased. This is also thanks to our veterans, who gathered and were able to clearly place in the right places the preventive measures. Aviation saw it and understood that professionals work here. People work for their home, for their land and, consequently, for their faith and religion. We will not give it up, we have once again shown that we stand and will stand up to the end. Veterans are here, they know more than the new Ukrainian generation, and they are ready to fight very actively and on a high professional level.

This only suggests that that the Donetsk region cannot be broken down. When prohibited weapons, prohibited types of combat equipment, ammunition and aviation equipment were used here people did not run away, people have consolidated. People gathered for all of this really paste and drive into a swamp this Bandera evil spirits, and to pour concrete on top of it so that they could never climb out and come here again. And not only here, but in general throughout Ukraine.

I am sure that we will gain the victory all over Ukraine; we will restore order in the country and return former priorities of history, former priorities of goodwill throughout the country. And if it is necessary - as our old military song says - we went through Europe, if necessary we will repeat it. We have the resources.

And I want to wish faith to all who survived on that day, because they need to know, they must remember that we are always near, everywhere. We can always help, we can always prompt, and we can protect our state at a high professional level.

Thanks to all. We are glad that we were able to make some contribution in due time.

Well, this is how we all remember this day."